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My name is Mike Grimaldi but I'm known as Grimdrops in the art world. I live on the north shore of Boston in historic Salem, Ma. After art school, I started designing logos, painting live at events, painting on canvas for private collectors and painting murals on parking lots, tiny houses and oh yeah...even at city hall. 

Whether it’s at a restaurant, a creative studio, on canvas, a separation wall in the backyard, a tunnel leading out to a football field or on the facade of a tiny house, I want my work to stop people in their tracks.  I want them to take a closer look - often for a selfie. 


At live events, I create custom art that can be tailored to the specific occasion, whether it be the subject matter of the piece, the color palette or even incorporating a logo.

One time, I designed and painted a mural in 48 hours - I want to do that in less than a day. My ultimate goal is to create a mural or live painting in every state and on every continent. 


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